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Akwaaba • Karibu • Nnoo • Woezon • Ékabô • I bisimila • Mauya • Nodé • Welkom 

Afrika Warehouse was inspired by my travels through street markets across the African continent - from Makola (Accra, Ghana) to Maasai (Nairobi, Kenya), from Grand Marché (Lomé, Togo) to Rosebank (Johannesburg, South Africa), and many other markets in between. Combined with my love of African fabrics, I envisioned an online platform offering a wide array of items created with African fabrics and inspired by African culture.

I imagined a place much like a department store where you can discover an assortment of clothing and footwear, bags and accessories, home goods and beauty products, outerwear and headwear, etc., all within the same store. Only, in this store, as you stroll through the aisles to the different floors, fingering through the racks and browsing through the shelves - or in this case the collections and pages of this site - everything offered is either derived from, inspired by and/or designed around African culture.

My vision for Afrika Warehouse is to expand on the infusion of African culture and its beauty. Whereby it’s not out of the norm to see someone wearing African prints, or difficult for someone to know where to go to shop an array of African-inspired goods.

Afrika Warehouse offers African-inspired ready made goods, including clothing, accessories and home decor, as well as a wide selection of fabrics with which you can be inspired and let your own creativity flow.


Noricia Anderson - Founder