Behind the Fabric - Rolls Royce

You’ll often find that many African prints have a meaning behind them, or a story to tell. In this edition of ‘Behind the Fabric,’ we feature the Rolls Royce print, also known as ‘Mgbolodi’ (Waterleaf/Legumes) and ‘Fleurs de Mariage’ (Wedding Flowers). Rolls Royce, with its flower motif, is one of the more popular African prints. The print comes in a range of color combinations and can be used to create a variety of products. 



The Igbo tribe in Nigeria calls this fabric ‘Mgbolodi,’ meaning legumes. Just as legume crops are known to improve the soil, so is the belief that this print brings good luck, success and wealth to its owner and family. 

In the Ivory Coast, where the print name ‘Fleurs de Mariage’ originates, this pattern is the equivalent of the wedding bouquet. The print is said to symbolize the beauty of happiness in a marriage, and it is also believed that when owned or worn, the design will bring immeasurable success and wealth.

The name ‘Rolls Royce’ is believed to have originated from the superstition of success and wealth for those who wear or own this print.


We feature the Rolls Royce prints in a variety of products including fabrics, accessories and outerwear. Be sure to check out our complete Rolls Royce collection

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